Trump Encourages Illegal Voting

On September 3 in North Carolina, Donald Trump encouraged voters to vote illegally by mailing in a ballot and then voting in person. Voters in many states may cancel or rescind their mail-in ballot and then vote in person, but to vote both ways is illegal in every state. In North Carolina, Trump committed a felony by encouraging double voting.

At least six states allow some voters, including some military members overseas, to vote by internet. At least five states have allowed all voters to vote by mail for many years with virtually no problems, including my state of Colorado. Since the pandemic began, several other states joined those allowing all voters to vote by mail. In 2018, nearly 1 in 4 voters voted by mail. The amount of fraud in mail-in voting has been minuscule and statistically insignificant.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made mail-in voting much more essential for the safety of voters. Suppressing the vote by making voting more difficult is a blatant tactic by President Trump. He has vociferously denigrated mail-in voting. He appointed a Postmaster who has removed sorting machines, mailboxes and employee overtime pay that has significantly slowed mail delivery. He has suggested that the election will be fraudulent and he may not honor it if he loses. Elections for peaceful transfer of power is the hallmark of America and was a revolutionary advance in world governance. To endanger or undermine it is un-American. If mail-in voting might overwhelm the post office, then a patriotic president should defend, support and promote the post office, not undermine it.

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