A Shocking New Low

Whenever I think Trump and his trumpeters can’t get worse, they manage to. Wednesday was a horrendous day in America. Storming the capitol building, attacking police, stopping congress from working, terrorizing legislators and staff, damaging public property, and engaging in treasonous insurrection is NOT constitutional petitioning of the government for a redress of grievances. Many of us have known for years how dangerous Donald Trump is. I’ve spoken and written about that many times. Trump’s continual inciting of violence is well known. The capitol police and supporting law enforcement agencies should have been much better prepared. That failure should be immediately investigated. But the gullibility of his mindless zealots must be dealt with. I wrote about that here.

But Wednesday should be a wake-up call to every Trump supporter. It is extremely distressing that Republicans continue to lie about the recent presidential election. More than a hundred Republican legislators continued to protest state electoral college votes even AFTER the despicable actions of insurrectionists Wednesday. They seem to be oblivious to the effects of their deceitful actions and demagoguery. I do not understand Trump’s power to bully supporters into submission to his pathologically dysfunctional mentality.

What happens in the next few days is crucial to the survival of our democratic republic. Although Joe Biden will undoubtedly be our next president, the inauguration could be a dangerous event. Every insurrectionist who stormed the capitol and can be identified should be arrested and prosecuted. Social media should continue to shut down Trump’s seditious rhetoric. Whether or not impeachment of Trump should be pursued is not clear to me. Anti-terrorist experts can help make that decision, but insurgent actions must have serious consequences.

At least Democrats won Georgia. I have great hope for Joe Biden, but he’ll need a lot of help.

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